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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beloved baby got me this! Hehe.. Am so blessed to have the best bf in the world who dote me like a princess! Thank you! Grateful to have you my love.
Went to fatboy for dinner on jem's bday.
Great, I'm having bad cough so no good food for me. Nawwwwww~
 So, I've been staring all these the whole night. Cough cough go away..:(

Valentines this year is super unusual for us. Especially me. He got me a watch. Made awesome noodles for me. (He borrowed the duck store's uncle stove to prepare this) and we went to get a tattoos! Probably gonna be our last time inking. (Maybe??) haha
Alright, I gonna stop my procrastination. Byebye

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