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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Was suffering from Post-digestion syndrome in short, hunger. And Baby got me a cake when I met him. 
Here's the brunch people. Celebrating my awesome 10-years friendship lady, Rochelle's bday at verandah, gardens by the bay.
Stay crazy and beautiful always, wang!
Last but not least, a shot of my tomyum seafood linguine, not impressive but not that bad either. I had their ice cappuccino, I'm not sure if it's water with a hint of coffee and milk or it's really cappuccino. Not gonna go back for their coffee for sure. 

Had my dinner at orchard central. Their bowl of ramen does not fit their 5-years champion title. I thought it could've been better thou. Still love my Santouka more. 
Shall end my post with a selfie. ByeBye!

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