Being 25

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Aging for women is one of the most annoying things ever but nobody can stop time. Therefore, we have to find a way to welcome our advancing years with a positive frame of mind.❤️
Don’t live constantly thinking about: “if only…” . There will be many things we might have done differently, but we have to feel the past is dust. Focus on what you can do now to improve your life. This does not mean we cannot cherish fond memories; but, at the same time we need to give most importance to the present moment.❤️

Can opposite gender be just friends? Yes, question is close and how long? at one point of time, they might develop feelings..the desire to gain more than just platonic friendship..
Some lucky ones had a lover who is their best friend. Some struggle through the complexity of friendship these days to seek just a simple "I'm taken" pleasure. Some seeks for adventures and challenges. Some foolishly believe that time will make their crush fell for them for the things and effort they contribute.(tumblr style crush quotes as reference) I'm not saying it's impossible but what are the odds? I feel that young girls have to learn to be smarter these days. Stop wasting your youth on the wrong person.
Oh well, they are not useless people, they can be used as a bad example thou. 

Let's be real. Once you hit 21 it's only 4 years away to 25. Another 5 to hit 30s. 
No, it's not about the numbers. It's about the skin, the hair, the body and the mentality. You would wished you have the 25years old mentality with a 21years old physics. Trust me. 

Feeling all moody. (First world problem most women facing when they are 25, bipolar.)
Chop chop says "HELLO!" To everyone who is reading this post. 

Second biggest problem: Random 


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