New Pet !! Make a Guess ??

Monday, March 30, 2015

                 ❤️ Hedgehog ❤️ 
Seen this adorable little creature before? My boyfie name her CHOP CHOP. Let me share some info about them.                                         Hedgehogs are prickly! At the beginning of handling your hedgehog it may seems as if you are handing a critter cactus! Patient is very important, hedgehogs are shy by nature and it all depends on your patience as they learn to trust you ! Cat food is often used in place of hedgehog food, but again, care must be taken to ensure it is at its happy state :) 
Some fed her with fruits and eggs. Mine pretty picky thou. She only takes cat food and freezed-dry mealworms. 
Hedgehog are not aggressive by nature. Their spines are used as defense only when they are scared, nervous, or feel they have reason to protect themselves , hedgehogs are really cute, curious and they can be cuddly!  (When they let down their defense(their quills). Hahaha
           ❤️Hedgehog & Pug❤️

Both hedgehog & pug is the only pet I have gotten in my life! They are just like baby! Feed them, play with them, talk to them, dote them and they will love you back. Last but not least, I know my boyfie dotes me more than I dote my pet! (Because this entry is posted by him)

P.S. : Chopchop is currently at M'sia. We will be traveling down to see her very often and will be updating her cute face here again! Heh! 

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