June perks!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tried Miche Bloomin' Dream Lashes. 
Probably the softest, finest and thinnest falsie ive ever used. It's so light-weighted. Doesn't trigger any irritations to my eyelids too! Of course, if you're looking for something more dramatic, this is probably not the one you would consider.

Speaking of which, I made a "dramatic" decision of cutting away my Rapunzel hair. And I'm pleaseeeeed with how it is now. Had it mild layered and looks thicker too. 
Blow it straight or mess it up, I'm ready to leave the house just like that! 
Thank you Boyfie for the cut! 
Met up with B for Jpot. Freaking love their Toman fish slice. Da goooood yo!
Yeah, had dinner with Sheena and two other boys last week at Spize! 

Btw, I'm currently up for advertorial and sponsorship bookings for FREE for the month of June/July! (Only selected advertiser will be featured.) After which, all posting for Instagram or Blog posting will be charged.(existing advertiser are still charged at the same rate). 

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