Dylan's 1 year old birthday party

Monday, July 27, 2015

Getting prepared for the party can be a rea tedious task. Thank God, Zhongxian recommended me a few items to complement this Winnie the Pooh theme party for Dylan's 1 year old birthday. (Qingfen's baby boy)
Theme scene set. 

See!! This is so cute! 
Thanks these people who went to get all these balloons helium pumped. 
Helium foil balloons are just one thing no one can ever missed for their parties! Winnie the Pooh balloon bouquet is a must-have too! 
Side Wall done! 
Was also given this cute birthday foil! The boys decided to hang it along the banner as that area are too empty! 
Party decoration process can be disastrous if you did not plan it well.
Most people either realized they have got too little things or overspent on useless items that they did not use it in the end. This is what makes me worried a lot!
The dessert table area. And thanks Zhongxian for the arrangement. Need a party items and recommendation? 

Stress-free party decoration is just an email (sgballoonstore@gmail.com) and 

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