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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

wanna be RED?
Here's my take on the Glam-me up red look! 

International kissing day may have ended but my affection of leaving smooches stains on my boy just got stronger. 
Because I've officially fell in love with my new red series lipsticks from Luxola. That means more pretty smooches for my boy's cheek. 

Imagine the numerous rejections I've gotten from him since the day I'm wearing them. *sobs* 

Me: "Why you like that, B? I'm sharing the love with you leh!"

Boy: *stare in disbelief* 

Yup, so allow me to introduce these three pretty series that I've been actively using them after receiving it. 
Luscious - Poppy
Very vibrate and flirty. Long lasting as it survived couples of meals in a day. Of course, if you're taking too oily meals, you could've expect the shade to wear off super fast! Duh.. 
Zoeva- Cooling passion
Yes, the name says it all. Towards a cooler tone. A seductive and passionate look which suits me me me alot. One of my fav among all my lipstick collection. Very pigmented. Best for night out of course. But I like my lips sexy 24/7 so I'm wearing it out in from day to night. (What am I talking about? My lips are already sexy. Hahahahaha!)
Sleek makeup- O M G
This is one warm red with a little orange? Maybe? Suitable for day look. A very vibrate and mischievous shade for young ladies like me (another state of disbelief from the boy). Oh oh! This gave a very feminine look too. Not forgetting the long lasting pigment effect. But this one can be a little dry, so put on your lip balm before wearing it is advisable. 
Alright, alright. Done saying. It's time to experience the other colors yourself.
Do share your thoughts with me if you've tried any of these range!
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