Bkk trip with Baby

Friday, October 23, 2015

Had a pleasant stay at Pakdee Bed and Breakfast along pratunam where I get to feast as much as I can. 

It's an awesome trip though. 4days is not enuff! Except that, we missed our flight and rebooked another one which waited hours and wasted hourssssss:( thanks Jetstar for not giving chance. Thanks ah! 

Nevertheless, it's not gonna stop us from going there! 

We went to Chinatown Namxing for their fish maw and birdnest. 300baht for a huge portion of fish maw and 500 for our birdnest. (Seriously?) 
Had our lunch at somboon seafood at sian square. Marked up a 2000baht for these dishes. 

Beware of fake somboon restaurant out there people. Tutu Uncle will sometimes take tourist to "Somboon Dee" when they have no idea where it it and only knows the name "somboon"

The real somboon restaurant are well-known for their fried curry crab is cost around 350baht for medium crab. The fish is hugggggeeeee and cheap! Don't forget to try out their fresh raw prawn! Super good yo. 
At Siam square one, you can also enjoy BBQ/steamboat buffet at only 299baht. But limit to an hour of dining. 

One of my fav from our street food dig. "Chicken boat noodle" 40baht. 
Another fav from another alley! 45baht
I really love pig blood. And many weird food. So, this place is definitely a must go every year for me. (If I'm rich enuff) LOL! 
Spicy seafood rice (ka prow) at this place is real good but slightly pricey. This place at pratunam served really good dishes. Yup, their fresh raw prawns are good too.  

Check out our mega crepes which is only 130baht! 

Our first couple tee. Super cute. Haha!
Met new friends while waiting for our flight to BKK was something new for both of us. We met up for Party when we were there after. Yes to Party at Scratch Dog. *thumbs up*


  1. That whole food is looking really delicious dear and I am also drooling over that treat. It is nice to see you all having fun together. I also love to party at best party venues in Chicago with my friends and family; their food is also really awesome.

    1. Hi there! Sorry for really really late reply. I missed your message :( yeah! You should totally visit Bangkok. Do you live in Chicago?