Paradise Teochew food tasting

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Invited down for a feast with Paradise few weeks back. This time, with a new Asian concept!

Paradise Teochew Restaurant features an array of signature Teochew dishes, such as Teochew Braised Specialties, Sautéed Pomfret Fillet with Tomato and Salted Vegetables, Steamed Diced Chicken wrapped in Egg White Crepe, Crispy Sweet and Sour Noodle in Teochew Style, diners are certainly in for a gastronomic experience.


Located in an exclusive club house Chinese Swimming Club, be prepared to indulge in the essence of classic Teochew style signatures, from tantalizing appetisers and braised specialties to a full line-up of seafood, meat and poultries in the comfort of an intimate cozy ambience.

Teochew Style 潮式卤味三拼盘
One of my mum's Favourite dish. Instestine were well cleansed and the duck and pork trotter is so good.
  • Sautéed Pomfret Fillet with Tomato and Salted Vegetables 咸菜番茄煮鲳鱼件

    Slightly sour, slightly salty and some sweetness in a bowl. What impressed me was there's no or little sight of oil spotted in there when the fish was sautéed before hand. What sorcery is that?! I drained my bowl of soup and wanted more thou! Haha

Stewed Pork Ribs with Bitter Gourd and Cucumber in Casserole 黄瓜凉瓜排骨煲

Being a true blue Teochews ourselves and especially my mum, she claims that the soup takes a good heating skill to brew that good. She surrendered her taste bud to this. 
Pan-fried Omelette in Teochew Style 潮州蚝煎蛋

Wah! This!! In all honesty, this is the best oyster omelette I ever had. Not only they are generous with their oyster, these crispy yet soft inside egg makes me and my mum fight for the last piece.  
Being the filial Daughter myself, of course....I have to tell her its not so healthy for her and I took it. 
Fried Rice with Yam in Teochew Style 潮式芋头炒饭

This is my second fav apart from the oyster omelette. I duno why but the rice just smell so good. Every bite with a fragrance from the yam and sprinkles of peanuts. 
  Steamed Lotus Seed and Red Bean Paste Dumpling 鸳鸯水晶包 

I didn't finished it. Not a fan of red bean or lotus paste. But this taste like Mooncake to me just that it's not too sweet and I believe my Sister would have wanted more if she's here. 

Overall service: feels like first class lounge. Leon, who happens to serve us really gave us a good dining experience throughout the night and yes, I will definitely be back. (Especially for their omelette and fried yam rice) hahahha

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