Mad busy lately

Monday, October 5, 2015

Too busy with work and I've forgotten about my blog. Oh man...
Anyway... I've been eating a lot and so much I've gained 5kg! Really. So, I decided to deceive myself that it's only because I'm too blessed with love lately.
Received pretty photos from my Erjie from her wedding and I'm really glad she has found the right man who love and dote her right. 

Speaking of which, I've been seeing a lot of girls going thru the breakup stage because of their "true love" cheating on them or making use of them for anything you can name. To make it worse, it was ungracefully declared on their Facebook page that makes them famous. I mean, this is her life, her profile...her right to do anything to it but people who shared the post is something that sort of annoys me.

I think Singaporeans are too stressed up from the hectic lifestyle that they are so sick of routine, they just have to lay some topics to start drama. Like, really a MUST DO IT BRUH! 

One thing I couldn't stop telling my girlfriends is that, never ever forget your value. When the money's crumpled it does not lose its value. The past does not matter so long you do not bring that back to present and future. 

Of course, this is not a one man show. The girl gotta do the right thing too uh.
There shldnt be a double standard and to be able to compromise and forgive is a bonus. Because most people are basically bottling and tolerating their partner which resulted domestic violence at the end of the day. (Not that serious, I'm kidding)

I must say, I'm thankful to have known my boyfriend, Den. Somebody who was known for his short tempered actually compromise to my stubbornness. 
That very man who drew this just to make me happy. That man who would used up his last dime for his proper meal just to get me a "happy" meal. 
So.... This is how I grew my "happy" spare tyre. 

Anyway, I'm gonna sleep! Good night earthling! 

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